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autumnBy Karen Janusz, Certified Nutritionist, AASDN
ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Brain Fitness Facilitator

Fall Health Tips

Autumn brings in one of the greatest transitions of nature. We witness dramatic changes as trees change color and start losing leaves. Temperatures begin to drop as the sun’s angle and intensity adjusts to the shifts. According to Oriental Theory, the seasons signify changes within the environment as well as within our bodies. Everything has an ebb and flow that harmonizes with nature. In the Oriental system of Five Elements, the fall season correlates to the Metal element, which is associated with the lungs and large intestine as well as the intricate neurons and wiring of the brain.

Change is an inherent process in our lives. When you adapt yourself to the changes that come with the seasons, you will maintain health. By gaining control of your internal climate (emotions) and managing the stress in your life, you stay protected from the external climate (weather changes). Through a daily discipline of inner attention and physical exercise, you can create a more open, resilient, and supple body; a mentally and physically relaxed state, and a stronger resistance to disease.

The Cold Connection

Autumn is the best time to focus on keeping the lungs and large intestine healthy. If you have a history of digestive disorders or bowel weakness, or long winters with colds and lung problems, this is the time to prepare yourself for staying well. The common cold is often experienced as an expression from the sinuses and lungs, but this problem is actually related to the large intestine and to poor elimination of wastes from the body.

The colon is one of the clearing organs of elimination, clearing toxins from the body helped by the lungs, kidneys and skin. Foods that are processed, unnatural, preserved, or mucous-forming such as meats, dairy foods, sweets, and starches like bread and noodles cause congestion in the body. Then putrefaction and/or fermentation take place, which creates even more toxicity in the system.This not only leads to poor assimilation, but also provides a site for bacteria and viruses to grow, just as it does in the sinuses and respiratory tract. You can stimulate the healing process by drinking lots of fluids-water, juices, teas and soups; and by getting proper rest and staying warm, rather than blocking elimination by taking cold tablets and eating congesting foods.

Autumn Cleansing and Detoxification

Cleansing and detoxification programs allow the organs to rest and rejuvenate, boost energy levels, and may eliminate potential illness you have stored away, either by flushing out excesses, or by improving organ functions.

Fruits and vegetables are abundant during this season and available for juicing. The Master Cleanser lemonade drink is an excellent choice or apple-pear juice, orange juice, or other fruit juice in the morning, with vegetable juices like carrot, beet, celery, zucchini, or parsley in the afternoon or evening.

Grapes work as a cleanser, harmonizing with the body and as a tonic for the lungs and large intestine. Fruits and steamed vegetables can also work well for a shorter cleanse of one to three days.

Foods from ← Most Congesting to Least Congesting

Most congesting foods®   most congesting/potentially toxic

  • Drugs                                           fats                                    sweets
  • Allergenic foods                        fried foods                       milk
  • Organ meats                              refined flour                    eggs
  • Hydrogenated fats                   meats                                baked goods

Least congesting foods® least congesting/more detoxifying

  • Nuts                      rice                           roots                      fruits
  • Seeds                    millet                       squash                   greens
  • Beans                    buckwheat             vegetables             herbs
  • Oats                       pasta                                                         water
  • Wheat                   potatoes

Balancing Mind, Body, and Spirit

As you become more aware of the changes in nature, take time to listen, observe, and become keenly aware of the subtle changes taking place within your own body.  Relax and meditate giving the body ample time to adjust to the changes. Go for a nature walk. Enjoy the subtle changes you observe in the plant life around you. Clean out a closet. Create space in your life. Deal with emotional issues. These processes all help create balance in your life on all levels- physical, mental-emotional, and spiritual. As you create inner health and balance, your outer world will follow creating a greater sense of harmony and well being in your life.

Seeking additional help

karenjan2016Karen Janusz is available for consultation at Kharma Life Center, by appointment.  With over 25 years’ in the health and fitness industry, she has been instrumental in improving the quality of life and health for hundreds of clients.  Her style of coaching/counseling is very accepting and open. She will surely have answers to your questions.

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