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With much of our lives playing out on the internet on a daily basis, gathering together and connecting in person has become more of a special event than the norm. Our business is built on personal connections, but beyond that, we as teachers, therapists, and students, thrive on the experience of exchanging information and energy with one another.

Kharma Life Center, as well as other neighborhood business in the “Melrose Curve” from Indian School to Camelback on 7th Avenue are coming together in a community event called Melrose Third Thursday. The intention is to build community, shop locally and enjoy the company of others with food trucks, special vendors and music.

There can be a convenience to shopping online, but to participate in what’s going on with the neighborhood around you, support small, local business and artisans, and make real connections with others…the reward far exceeds a box on your doorstep.

Come join us along 7th Ave this Thursday all day and linger into the evening with Moonlight on Melrose: 700 W. Campbell Ave., where the party comes together and comes alive! Business at the center will stay open until 8pm. See you there!