This last week hstatue-of-libertyas been full of change (careful what you wish for), and as nature has proven time and again, change is good. It provides opportunity for growth and evolution. Stagnant, sameness, unconscious living leads to apathy and ennui. But change can be hard. It can hurt. It upsets our security and sensibility of what we know and what is familiar which is far more comfortable than that which is unknown or doesn’t align with what we think and practice.

If we don’t like the current climate of change or don’t agree with what is projected to lie ahead, we are human, full of emotion and we react, and that is ok! We feel deeply and react passionately and if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be human. But what then? after the feelings? We need to transition quickly from reacting, thinking, complaining, processing to responding in kind.

The question is not, “WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO??!!”, but “What can I do to help?” I too, have run the rollercoaster of emotions from numbing shock to depressive despondency, wanting to run away and hide, to anger and disappointment for the human condition, to trying to stay positive and find a bright side…I am determined to stand tall and not just continue to contribute to my personal life, but to reach out and see what I can do to contribute to the community and to this great nation. Which has always been great. And resilient. And strong because of its diversity and open-minded acceptance.

I am reminded of what one of the best people in the world once said: Fred Rogers (aka Mister Rogers), an expert in children’s  wellbeing, who was consulted after 911. “How can we explain this event to our kids? we asked. “What can we do to help them understand such a horror?” His response, so perfectly insightful, was, “Look for the helpers.” So this is my plan, I will look for the helpers and I will be a helper too. Will you?

God will continue to Bless America.