alaska_glaciersI succeeded with my regimen of Paleo for 30 days and continued to modify my diet after that. It was a great mindfulness exercise and a way to create a lifestyle change as I embrace a life of super-conscious eating and choosing the foods that feed and nourish me best.

Soon after, I got to test my habits on vacation as I traveled to Alaska for a week! It is one thing to have the safety of a refrigerator stocked with whole foods for eating, it is quite another to have to order every meal out and stick to a plan. Needless to say, there was gluten and dairy consumed, but in small quantities and with pleasure!

Alaska is, in a word, majestic. To me, it is nature’s way of saying, “I AM IN CHARGE.” When you see a moose walk past you in the road who is as big as your car, you begin to feel put in your place. The glaciers, the wildlife, the sheer vast beauty of it all…a wonder and magical experience for all senses. I feel blessed to have been given this gift.

On the boat ride we took to see the Kenai Fjords, were some Tibetan Monks which I took as a very good sign. (They bring to the party an extra bit of God). And so it was, according to our captain the “best whale sighting in her history of touring”. A picture perfect (warm) day as massive hump backs jumped out of the water with joy and enthusiasm.

Simply Amazing.