Nobuo at the Teeter House

Day 27: We hear so many rules and methods of how to and what to eat. One strategy that resonates with me is the 85/15 rule: Eat very mindfully and healthfully sticking with the routine that you have set for yourself like mainly plant-based diet focused on organic food with no preservatives, etc, etc.for 85% of the week, and then the remaining 15% eat what you like! This is not only great for the body but for the mind as well. The mind holds tightly to the memories of fun food and indulgent tastes and experiences and if you don’t feed it once in a while, it gets really fussy I find. To totally deprive yourself of all the things you love is a recipe for disaster. I know when I feel deprived it makes me want to indulge even more, but given permission to experience everything takes away that cranky feeling of wanting what I can’t have.

There are those who eat to live and so eating 100% of a strict diet can be quite manageable for them. But for those of us like me who live to eat, it’s imperative to give ourselves permission to have some fun and enjoy life, friends, family, restaurants, gatherings around food.

Last night I indulged in a beautiful meal at Nobuo at the Teeter House in downtown Phoenix. What a meal. Tiny portions of artistically crafted morsels made with the utmost care and freshness. I was able to stay very close to the regimen except for the martini and a few bites of strawberry tart! Don’t judge.  I regret nothing. Life is meant to be enjoyed and I feel like as long as I can stay vigilant with noticing my behavior it will all be terrific.