Ev!Days 21,22,23,24+25: That’s right, I have been remiss with blogging. I suppose life just got in the way, as they say. The food project has been going very, very well and I am proud of my efforts and forgive the small indiscretions here and there. The last several days are a blur as the focus of my attention was not on myself or my eating habits but on my amazing and wonderful son who graduated from high school on Tuesday. I am a beyond-proud-momma of a wonderful young man and cannot wait to see his ascension into his full self-expression.

As we were waiting in the l o n g line of traffic to turn right into the venue for his commencement, a big truck was not so interested in waiting patiently for cars to move and side-swiped my vehicle in his attempt to move ahead. He then proceeded to flee the scene. Since none of us in the car were hurt, I simply rolled down my window, adjusted the rear view mirror and proceeded to enjoy my milestone day (and dealt with the whole metal-bent mess today).

This sparked a discussion among my deep-thinkers as to why “bad things happen to good people”. The thing is: Good things happen to good people, Good things happen to bad people, Bad things happen to good people  and Bad things happen to bad people. What helps to gain perspective is, Things Just Happen. The less we label them (or the people) good or bad, the more we have the ability to roll with all those oddly placed punches. If we try to figure it out, we will just get a sad headache, and it doesn’t matter why; it just matters how we handle it.

Being present for my boy outweighs drama over a hit-and-run any day of the week. Anyway, I believe that everything gets sorted out in its own time. I will pay the deductible and pray for the soul who caused the trouble. My guess is his suffering is greater than mine.