favorite snack

A new favorite snack!

Day 20: Past, Present and Future. There is a lot of discussion about these concepts in my business. The past is finished, the future is non-existent and the present is the only Truth we really have, so to live in the present moment is to live with happiness. Where this may seem oversimplified, I can verify its validity and significance in my personal life.

Dwelling in the past seems to be an absolute waste of time. There is nothing to be done about righting so-called wrongs or changing the occurrences of events. It happened. Move on. We can, however, learn from the past if we are willing to review it honestly thus helping us with present decisions based on habits and patterns that did or did not serve.

Dwelling in the future is a 3am-bolt-out-of-bed killer. When the mind starts to wander into parts unknown and the yet-determined, it walks into a land mine of worry and unnecessary anxiety. Don’t buy trouble. The future may or may not occur at all! Much less in a way that the mind is fantasizing about it.

Dwelling in the NOW is our only hope for real happiness. This can be verified when you recognize those moments and activities that have you totally absorbed; where time stands still and boundaries disappear into bliss: gardening, golfing, running, a lingering kiss…it hardly matters what the activity, it’s all about the feeling that envelops the experience, like no other. We call this integration and it feels good.

Something else that feels good is eating healthy. The body sings with energy and a lightness, literally not weighed down by inefficient food and extra substance. I do like this feeling.