Fresh-mango-smoothie_01Day 18: Eat when you’re hungry. Stop when you’re full. That is about as technical as eating should be in my humble opinion. I understand there is a wonderfully complex science behind food and eating the “right foods” serves you best. But when things get so complicated with don’t eat this with that and avoid this at all costs and only this food will do and that food is against the rules of nature…my head spins and I just want to eat something comforting.

In my business, the entire orientation of our awareness is to listen. We listen to the body in its infinite wisdom and it tells us exactly what it needs. Think about a baby who has not been inundated with outside cues or distractions toward what it thinks it needs, it just responds (and reacts) to the innate impulses inside. When she cries we either feed her, change her diaper, put her to sleep or give her love and attention. It really is no different when we are so-called adults. It’s just that we have been socialized into thinking too much about our needs instead of getting quiet and listening to what we need in each moment.

The practices of yoga, massage, meditation, breathing, acupuncture, sitting and listening to music, walking in nature…all act to give the mind a break and give us a chance to listen to that which is infinitely wiser than the mind (yes, I said it) and follow the intuitive knowing which always steers us in the right direction. I like chanting and have a practice of japa mantra which is simply a meditative repetition of a chant. I do it for 11 minutes -that’s supposed to be just the right amount of time to do its magic.

I’m bored with talking about food today. Working a lot and focusing on teaching others. (I did make a killer smoothie yesterday with fresh mango, banana, coconut milk, ice and a dash of maple syrup. Oh yeah. cool and delicious).