salad with chickenDay 17: First swim of the season. The pool was beautiful and cool and soothing. It feels really good to move my body in the water which is so therapeutic and great for my joints and also stretching and strengthening without the stress on my body. I love the water!

I know if I want to affect big changes in my body, I ought to be doing serious cardio exercise regularly and I hope to get back into the swing of that practice. I have a bit of a foot issue which has prevented me from impact and has inhibited my practice of walking and more aerobic exercise for some time. I’m getting some great therapy for it and looking forward to pain-free recovery, but for now I will just keep swimming.

It is common for us when we engage in a new regimen to “fall off the wagon” as soon as there is a stresser or event that distracts us from our commitment. The important thing that I have found is to begin again, right where we left off, and treat the new day as respectfully as all the rest, as opposed to a common phenomenon of quitting because we dropped the ball. It’s just a moment in the whole of the long practice and it doesn’t discount what has come before and certainly doesn’t mean we have to end our journey because of it.

In the words of Dory, from Finding Nemo, “Just keep swimming”. Her short-term memory lifestyle was such a shining example of living in the moment as the past had no relevance, the only thing of meaning was what was presently at hand. We are all so perfectly human in our ability to falter and skip a beat; there is nothing weak about it. The only weakness is when we let that stop us from following through with our intention.

Eating lots of meals that consist of a salad with some protein in them. While delicious, I’m getting a little bored with it and long for a sandwich. There is a recipe for Paleo bread. I went out and got the ingredients and will attempt baking it this weekend.