arrowroot powderDay 16: My personality is such that I enjoy a weekend project. Once I sat with the tubs of photos stacked in the closet (if you are of my generation, you know you have them), bought beautiful albums and spent the whole weekend sorting and putting the pics into the binders. I did not cook any meals or engage in other activities, simply focused and finished. This is satisfying to me. I’ve painted the house many times, built furniture, redecorated, etc, all within a short time span. I am NOT the one to engage in a major home remodel (though I did a kitchen some years back). My patience for the before-and-after effect is short, and as such I like to see results right away. Funny then, that I continue to put myself into situations where perseverance is the only road to success. Like a startup business!

Yesterday, in the course of my work, I spoke to a nutritionist who advocates lifestyle change, not just food swapping as a method toward whole health, and she said she always “prescribes” a six-month plan for people. We discussed how these 21-day promise programs and packaged food protocols may yield results, but they do nothing for getting into the root of the issues around why we are making the choices we are that don’t serve us. I agree! And so, I have resolved in my mind to carry this regimen, in its austerity, over a 6-month period. So I will continue to place the 30-day calendar on the fridge and reward myself weekly (that’s a lot of reward- woohoo!) but not go looking for results right away. I confess today is one of those days.

Made a delicious stir-fry for me and my boys last night. Leftover chicken, lots of peppers, onions and garlic, sliced cabbage and celery, with chili paste and some coconut aminos (substitute for soy sauce). My boys had it over rice with some sliced almonds. I used the saute pan to make a sauce with more chili paste and coconut milk with a bit of arrowroot powder slurry for thickening. (Arrowroot is a way to thicken sauces and recipes without using flour or corn starch which are not on the plan.) We all enjoyed!