cherry pitter toolDays 14 and 15: The weekend. Mine always involves work which keeps me in the discipline mode, but there is the idea of having fun that permeates the air…and fun has always been equated with fun food. Now the challenge is to not feel a sense of loss for not indulging in some of those old delights, but to have fun with the new recipes and ideas from the books and internet that I am gathering.

I was really needing some chocolate, so I made a quick batch of Vitamix ice cream with ice, the beloved coconut milk, vanilla, cocoa powder, sliced frozen bananas + maple syrup. I let it go for a loud bit of time until it got thick. Then I folded in some freshly pitted cherries (I have a cherry pitter, my dears) and some sliced almonds. I just put it in a container in the freezer and stirred it every once in a while until it got a little firmer. (But I will tell you, the milkshake- like consistency in which it started out as was tempting me to pour it into a large glass and go for it). However, I waited patiently until after dinner when I knew I would want something sweet. Super yummy, and kind of fun!

Let’s face it, the mind gets bored. Especially in this day and age of want-it-now, need-to-know-now, can-have-just-about-anything-now, the mind can hardly sit still for a minute to contemplate or enjoy its surroundings. So we give it fun little things along the way to be entertained and stay positive so it will work for us when we need it to choose kale over pizza.