banana muffinsDay 12: How many times have I baked banana bread and banana muffins? Oh my, too many to count. Without butter and flour, could they be as satisfying? This day I baked the paleo version with coconut flour, lots of bananas, double the eggs, coconut oil and added dates and sliced almonds. A hit! Its hard to recreate items that we are used to eating with that full fat flavor and tender flour-driven texture, so some things you just don’t want to try, but this seems to be a delicious and guilt-free substitute. And come on, a life without baked goods is hardly one worth living.

It got me thinking about wanting one thing but having another. How can we be content with what is when we long for something different? What I have found is that I can’t be happy in that scenario. So there seems to be two ways to go to solve that: One, is to become comfortable and satisfied with what is and Two, to change the situation to suit you.

The tricky bit about number Two is that sometimes that urge to change is driven by the ego which can be wildly unreliable. Remember how it told you to drink all that tequila at that party in college? (Oh, wait, that’s me). So if that urge to change comes from a grounded, settled place and we set about with intention instead of charging forth from a sense of lack, then we have a good chance of optimizing and affecting a new scenario that is most helpful.

Solution number One, is the advanced practice. In yoga philosophy we call it Isvara Pranidhana, Surrendering to the Divine. In other words, we simply let go and receive exactly what is happening in each moment as it arises and move with awareness into the next moment. It’s a lifelong practice and when we move in this way, it yields a feeling for which there is simply no substitute.