smoked chickenDay 11: After a long day of work it sure is nice to come to a well-crafted dinner. I had that gift last night when someone else smoked a whole chicken and prepared some French green beans with garlic. So simple! So delicious! I’m so lucky! I’ve spent most of my life very comfortable giving my time and energy outward, it seems to be a natural flow, but when it came time to receive, oddly I was not so comfortable. I am not alone. In my profession of healers and teachers, there is an abundance of guiding and giving to others without a thought, but when tables are turned, the healer is not so ready to heal herself. A popular phenomenon.

As such, I have had to learn how to gracefully receive and have been wildly fortunate to have been given much opportunity of late. Think about the times when a friend or stranger pays you a compliment like, You look so nice today! . How do you respond? A simple, Thank you? Or does your reaction resemble some wild debate of,  No, no, no I’m having such a bad hair day, and this outfit is so old…”

Remember, when you reject someone’s compliment, you are denying them the opportunity to give you a gift. They are reaching out and you are shutting them down. Not a good feeling for either of you! I know, I’ve been there. But no more, my friends. If you tell me I look nice, I will smile and receive. If you compliment my teaching skills, I will receive. If you cook me dinner, I will receive! Do you receive it brother?! Give it a try.

Here’s a video on how to carve a roasted chicken: