Day 9: A hard day in life, and a good day staying disciplined. There is a lot of food to eat on the regimen and I am a big fan of vegetables, fruits and lean proteins so where I do miss putting butter on my sweet potato, it’s not a tragedy; lettuce-wrapped burgers (or as I call them, hand salads) are just fine. But because everything is fresh and healthy and light, food processes quickly, and the feeling of being full is not as common as it once was. Which, again, is solvable by eating more…just the right kinds of foods.

The idea of feeling full in life is a complex journey for many people I have met over the years. So many of us have a hole that just cannot seem to get filled, no matter how much we throw into it: money, success, status, clothing, cars,  homes, trips, relationships…it all seems to go into an abyss with no result of feeling satisfied or happy for any length of time. Why doesn’t it work?

The strategies that have been successful in helping myself and others to feel full involve nothing from the outside in, but connecting from the inside out. And though not the same for everyone by any means, there is something for everyone indeed. Yoga, massage, meditation, yoga nidra, acupuncture, exercise, family and friends connection, being of service, community interaction…I have witnessed and felt any one of these experiences and combinations of experiences work miracles to bring one from Hole to Holy. The great news is they feel really good in the process and the results can be immediate and lasting.

steak and sweet potatoes

Felt full after dinner: shared some sliced steak off the grill with my boys, 1/2 sweet potato with coconut oil, salt and pepper, fresh green salad with homemade creamy Italian dressing from my paleo book. yummmmm.