paleo calendarDay 7: One official week in (after 2 weeks of prepping with modified food intake). Very successful week I would say for me and my  partner-in-eating. As you can see I have indicated the days on which I partook in some red wine. I mean, a girl’s gotta live. Wanting to note if those days had any impact on the overall strategy. They did not. A bit of congratulatory shopping occurred to mark the culmination of dedication to a plan.

There is a philosophy I have been blessed to give in teaching circles regarding the idea of happiness: In setting a goal, one is very often content to be miserable all along the road to reaching that goal, only to find success and fulfillment at the end, having achieved. Hmm. Sounds like a bummer. The road to happiness does not have to be paved with longing and reaching. In fact, quite the opposite: Since right now is the only truth we really have, each moment is an opportunity for happiness. Yeah, yeah, a lofty concept that doesn’t much match how we have been socialized.

So for my fellow-goal-setters out there, I offer this: Set an intention. Such as….I will eat in a certain way for a month. Craft a legitimate plan around the intention and get to work! Nothing is easy nor comes without acute attention to that moment-to-moment awareness. At the end of the month survey the results. How do you feel? How was the journey? What changes, if any, occurred? Etc. And remember to acknowledge the success along the way to keep you motivated and on point.

This, I have found, is a much more successful way of affecting change than the usual, I am going on a diet to lose 20 pounds in 60 days routine. The trials and failures of that strategy are too numerous to count. The old adage, It’s not the destination it’s the journey can be applied here, but let’s face it, it IS about the destination. We DO look to the future. All I’m saying is, we can do it gracefully and happily all along the way. See you here.