jane assistDay 6: I was able to wear a shirt that I haven’t worn in a while. That’s something of progress. Just enough inflammation reduction to button up a beautiful white shirt I bought to wear at my 20-year HS reunion…a while ago. I definitely am perfectly human when it comes to needing some affirmation that my choices are successful and on track. Without some evidence that what you are doing is right, it’s so hard to stay motivated and continue to fight the good fight.

That is why there are soooooo many diet and exercise programs promising quick results because our egos need immediate satisfaction and if we can’t get it emotionally through eating a cheeseburger then we want it from NOT eating the cheeseburger! Lifestyle changes take real maturity and diligence which is why I am always so honored to have students continue their yoga practice on a regular basis. Those that make a commitment to investing in their health, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, are truly strong.

Making the decision to come to yoga class is the hardest part. No one, in all of my years of teaching, has ever said they regretted that decision. Once you feel what it does for you, you can’t help but follow that feeling. For others, it’s not yoga, but walking in nature or some other form of exercise that ignites that feeling. However the form, it’s that immediate (gratifying) feeling  from the effort that is the elixir intoxicating us to do it more often. See you on the mat.