DG1_0930Day 4 : Another day to practice awareness. That is really the regimen, the food is simply the vehicle to experience consciousness. Acute attention requires time and thoughtful choice-making. Using this process to train the mind to stay alert and not slip into old habits of random gratifications and quick indulgences not only support the eating process, but all processes of the body/mind.

As work and obligation tend to get in the way of caring for self, it was more challenging to stick to the plan. The desire to eat a bowl of pasta and drink some wine became a dreamy thought, but not to be! Fortunately, I have tremendous support in this journey and am not traveling alone, so salad with chicken from a local Mediterranean restaurant it was. Yum. Nice to feel like I can order out and dine out and still find things without being too fussy about it all.

I teach a practice called, Yoga Nidra, which offers a deep, deep relaxation into stillness in an effort to quiet the mind and let the body come to its natural state of health and well-being. I offer it with an intention dropped in and I almost always include my favorite one: My mind is at peace, my body is relaxed and my heart is unconditionally open. This is how I am feeling. At the risk of sounding “out there”, I feel that I am operating at a high vibration. Perhaps the body is humming because it does not have to work so hard to process food that is not good for it.