Julienne-PeelerI teach in the advanced program of Yoga Teacher Training at SOY (Spirit of Yoga) in Tempe. For years, I have put quotes on the white board as a prompt for discussion, sharing and sometimes to create an intention or focus for the session. I used to quote famous people, swamis, authors and deep thinkers. Now I make up the quotes. Today I wrote: Choose risk; choose liberation. Choose comfort; choose stagnation. As always, my own circle of deep thinkers had much to contribute on the ups and downs of risk-taking and staying in the comfort zone.

I confessed to them that I am someone who builds the bookshelf and then reads the instructions after to see how I did; who takes the medication without considering side affects; who says ‘yes’ to opportunity and worries about how to achieve it later. That’s just me. Could I have benefited over the years from some contemplation before action? Uh, yes. Have I had a lot of cool experiences. Indeed! Taking risks, however small, is a powerful way to break through the plateaus of life and plug into the highest vibration available to you at any time.

Playing it safe is comfortable; I’ve done that too, and the memories of those choices make me feel a bit sad and cheated out of life. One does not need to chuck the everyday and move to Bali to participate in risk-taking. Perhaps just changing a way of eating or moving your body can do the trick.

Day 3 on the new regimen: Rocked it! Healthy food all the way and cooked nice meals. True confession time: around 3pm I r e a l l y wanted some bread and butter. So my instant-gratification-ego-driven mind and I had a little conference on what best next steps be taken. Giving myself permission to do either, I chose to stay true to the form (I tend to be a rule-follower by nature) and mercifully there was neither bread nor butter in sight to taunt me, so I won that battle.

No time for pics and recipe today. I’ll make it up to you later this week. I will say that I made some zucchini noodles with a ‘julienne peeler’ that I had in my drawer! I totally bought it by mistake one day last year and yesterday it shone like the sun as it made faux pasta that I tossed with veggie goodness. Take a risk today of your own and just notice the feeling.