Food. My first love. Before dating, boyfriends and marriage there was macaroni and cheese, ice cream and chocolate. Over the years my love affair with food has run the gamut from being completely fulfilling to desperately distracting. No longer able to live to eat with abandon, I am forced to create eating habits that serve my beautifully aging body that has to work a bit harder to metabolize. Friends, I have tried it all – all of those touted eating plans and regimens- and they all work! Until you stop adhering to the program.

As my body has been working hard at launching a startup business, taking care of others and training students to teach yoga, it has not been given the attention it needs to be optimally healthy. And so…onto another regimen! (insert hopeful smiley face emoji here). The Paleo program is simple, clean food that emphasizes lean proteins with vegetables, fruits and nuts. Real food, that with my cooking skills, I can infuse lots of flavor into.I have my calendar on my fridge to mark the days (with a smiley face) in May; I have shopped for whole foods (but not at Whole Foods), and I have prepped to be ready to eat healthfully each day.

I shall blog here to record my latest adventure and share some recipes of my own and to keep me accountable.

May 1st: DAY 1:Great success despite a restaurant outing where the sticky buns are worth committing a crime to consume – of which I had none. I have a pint of homemade vanilla/coconut milk ice cream in the freezer (uh, yeah, I’m not giving up the ice cream); and I’m prepped and ready for lunch and dinner. I teach yoga every day, but my body needs some serious cardio. Plans to visit the gym this week. Keep you posted. Feeling good! Ready to take on the challenge and glory in the success of today! Tomorrow is another story and not worth worrying about.

coconut ice cream pic

Of course I’m going to start with dessert first…COCONUT MILK ICE CREAM…..

1 can coconut milk (full fat; not lite-trust me, it won’t set up if you try the lite stuff)

2 whole eggs or 4 egg yolks (I used the 2 eggs and it’s great)

Vanilla bean, split and beans removed for adding or 2 Tbl good vanilla extract

1/2 cup shredded unsweetened coconut

1/2 cup chopped almonds

The ingredients are simple. It’s all in the technique: Put some water in a sauce pan and heat to gentle simmer. In a heatproof bowl, pour in the coconut milk, vanilla beans or extract (if you are using any additional flavorings, now is the time to put them in-if you’re not doing Paleo you can add sugar or honey or something sweet). Warm the milk gently but don’t let it boil. Meanwhile, whisk the eggs in a separate bowl. When the milk is nice and warm, ladle some into the eggs slowly and whisk away to temper them. Then slowly pour the egg mixture into the milk set over the pan and whisk constantly to prevent lumps until the mixture thickens. This takes a good 20 min or so, so be patient. Sing a song or meditate or talk to the ice cream and tell it how delicious it’s going to be. Energy is a powerful thing! When the mixture is really thick, take it off the stove, cover it with plastic wrap and push the plastic onto the surface of the liquid so it doesn’t form a skin. Let it come to room temperature and then refrigerate it over night or for several hours. Take out the cooled “custard” and stir in the coconut and the almonds. I have a simple plug in ice cream maker, are you surprised? So I pour the mixture into that and turn it on. It only took about 13 minutes! Then into a container and freezer to get harder. Or sit there on the patio and eat a few bites in the morning before work with someone you love. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, then you can put it into a casserole type dish in the freezer and stir it every once in a while until it hardens. I’ve not done that, but it’s a thing.  ENJOY!!!!!