don't postpone joy_orange_ecuTo know yoga is to understand fulfillment.
To share yoga is to experience compassion.
To live yoga is to embody happiness.
-Jane Mayer Gleason

Knowledge is powerful and a mentally-driven state of being. There are so many philosophies and techniques that we can use to train the mind to stay present with the body and with what we are doing in the moment. This has a settled, calm feeling. Sometimes we call this being integrated, where the mind is completely on board with what we are doing; that’s why we love our hobbies – we aren’t thinking about anything else except the fun thing we’re experiencing!

Sharing a practice of healing whether it is through exercise, massage,guided relaxation or doing an activity with a friend or even better, doing some selfless service for another yields feelings of compassion and creates a loving environment.

To create a day-to-day practice of mindful awareness is the highest form of fulfillment. One cannot help but feel completely happy as he or she totally embodies the moment at hand. There is simply no escape from what is and that is an incomparable experience. It’s hard to describe in words because is transcends the mind it’s so powerful.

The progression of joy is available to anyone who wants to wake up and participate fully in their life. Notice everything, live with purpose, always come from a place of love.