When you discover that the only Truth is happening in the moment, you are free from confusion.
-Jane Mayer Gleason

How many times have we been uncertain and undecided about the day-to-day choices we make as well as the big decisions that face us? Where are the right answers? What are the real Truths to be discovered?

The practice of yoga offers the answers to these and many questions like these as we connect more and more in the present moment. Time, past and future, are mental constructs and therefore, elusive and unreliable. The only thing we can know for sure is RIGHT NOW. Dwelling in the past simply distracts us from what is and looking ahead only buys us trouble and fear.

When, however, we stay dedicated to just what is happening in a single moment, we feel connected, solid, engaged, happy! Experiment with this idea as you do the things you love and notice time stand still while you feel completely fulfilled.

The familiar term, There’s no  time like the present, is a strong call to action; a reminder that the past is gone and the future completely uncertain, so our best strategy is to make the most of the gift of now. And as we really embrace this gift, we discover the Truth; that we are limited only by our mind. Abundance, happiness and fulfillment on all levels is tucked within as we live in each moment.

It takes practice. We can help. Check out our upcoming Mindfulness for Everyday Living series and join us for daily yoga. You will feel the difference and find your answers.