Well… here we go everyone…another amazing project! This time I have opened a wellness center with a talented, experienced and loving massage therapist, Theresa Martin. She and I connected through a mutual friend at just the right time to create, build and launch a gorgeous space in Central Phoenix that encompasses not only yoga classes but multiple therapies as well.

We are so excited to share our years of experience with you plus host a wonderful group of therapists and teachers to guide us all into optimal health. It has been a vision of mine to have multiple options under one roof instead of traveling all over the valley to get what we need.

I have already connected with old friends and students and have met new ones from the neighborhood and beyond seeking our classes and treatments.  Can’t wait to connect with you all again (and again).

Check out the website (place holder while our cooler one is under construction) and see the menu of services and full schedule of classes. 

It’s been a bold year full of change for me and Kharma Life Center represents the strength and forward movement of it all. Lots of love and happy blessings to you all.