“Sometimes you have to kind of die inside in order to rise from your own ashes and believe in yourself and love yourself to become a new person.” ~Gerard Way

As nature continually proves this cycle of life, death and rebirth, I notice how our human experience so mirrors this pattern. After all, aren’t we of nature? It’s starting to make sense that we, ourselves, and the relationships we develop often need to experience “a little death” in order for us to be reborn as a stronger individual or experience a more helpful union with another.

I recently spent a girly evening with 2 wonderful friends and one pulled out some ‘reading’ cards which are intended to guide one intuitively around an area of obstacle. After assessing my first pick; she lovingly requested I “pick again” (avoiding the revelation of a less than fabulous message). Second pick; same message. “Just read it,” I said. I can take it. (yikes) “You will suffer the loss of a loved one. Experience a period of grief and then eventually things will improve.” (double yikes)

Well, this freaked me out in my mind, but the next day I listened to that intuitive part of me; the one connected to Nature and Truth and what bubbled up was not the tragic loss of another, but the revelation that I, myself, am experiencing “a little death”-as a Full-Time-Super-Mom. As my beautiful boys ascend into manhood and self-reliance, my role is changing, well, dying, truth be told, and my MOM persona is yielding to make way for another part of me to take the driver’s seat.

As with any staunch commitment, like the Lantana in my garden which refuses to give up through heat and all seasons, I am not going easily, and it will take me until my last breath to let go of that role. And yes, I know, it’s simply a role change and I will always be there as their biggest support, “a little death” is occurring to make way for…hmm, I’m not sure.

“The ending of a job or a relationship may appear as the darkest night, but it is merely the Winter season – the time of renewal and rebirth that precedes the new planting – the beginning of the next great cycle.” ~Jonathan Lockwood Huie