Asatoma Sat-gamaya

Tomasoma Jyotir-gamaya

Mrityorma Amritam-gamaya

 May this practice lead me from the unreal to the real

From the darkness to the light

From time-bound consciousness

to a timeless state of being.

Asatoma Invocation (listen)

When do you find yourself in a timeless state of being? Watching a movie? Staring into the face of a newborn? Gardening? Golfing? Kissing? This concept is less esoteric than it sounds. We have all experienced it and were born into it as our True Nature. The qualities show up as a state of peace and ease, where the artist melds into the art; the dancer into the dance; where there is total absorption into the moment at hand and the world around seems to dissolve…nothingness and everythingness all at once…

That’s why when the calendar delineates this time of year as a New Year, a new beginning, I don’t take too much stock from a yoga point of view. The calendar is a man-made construct, the timeless state transcends years, months, days, minutes. Each moment with each breath presents as a new beginning because there is no such thing as yesterday or tomorrow, we only have this moment, right now.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the imposed opportunity to take stock and create intentions toward optimizing my existence, I embrace the wake up call, but do so with as little attachment to the results of those goals as my human condition will allow. Mrityorma Amritam-gamaya. The timeless state of being that we are. When we connect with it, losing 20 pounds or resolving to make more money seems irrelevant.

Wishing that each breath in fills you with life force and each breath out releases that which no longer serves.