I am gearing up for many things as I continue my venture at the new yoga studio. The question arises, “how can I optimize the coming year?” I am so blessed with my health, energy, family, friends, my yoga practice…what can be done to continue to grow and evolve?

My latest mantra is: The degree to which you make an effort above and beyond what is expected, is the degree to which life gives you a return. This, of course, not a particularly original thought by me, but an adherence to one of the laws of karma. In simpler terms, you get back what you put in. This holds true for many things such as interpersonal relationships, school, job,  etc. If we simply show up, punch in and do the minimum, that is exactly what we get in return. Sadly, I have noticed those who adopt this strategy of giving just enough still expect something extra! 

Extra comes when you go above and beyond. When you do things despite discomfort or inconvenience, THEN, one may see life’s reward. So I have an idea to push myself  a little (because running a family and a business and teaching students is hardly enough) and will use this venue as my platform.

Stay tuned….

“Above is the sky of the mind, and  beyond this sky is the Lord.” -Sri Guru Granth Sahib