So I went with my BFF to see Eat Pray Love last night.  It was a very lovely movie.  Ms. Julia was understated and real, the scenery and food were spectacular and I really liked the men in the movie–representing all of those aspects of challenge and discovery for the main character.  Frankly, I’ll pay any amount to see Javier Bardem for a few moments…

The movie begs the question, “How do I find my way?”  This character needed to go far and wide and experience something so far outside of herself in order to connect with something inside; to feel something real.  This is one strategy if you don’t have kids and can afford to take a year off.  Yet many of us do not have this luxury, so what are we to do? Can we still find our inner peace and fulfillment if Bali is not an option? Can we still connect to God even though the stack of bills is piling up and the dinner needs cooking? Well, for me, the answer is yes, yes indeed.

I’ve spent the last 10 years or so in my own journey toward self-awareness and I rarely left the state. One of the main catalysts toward moving out of the darkness and living in a state of light and ease was going through yoga teacher training.  With the weekly discipline, the constant demand for self-reflection, the physical and energetic opening through posture and meditation, and the loving support of my teacher and co-students, a shift was created.  My life didn’t change, but my relationship to my life changed completely.

I emerged with less baggage, more confidence and a clearer understanding of how the mind works and how it does not create or control my life.  I discovered the connection to Source that I’d only wondered about and my heart opened to a capacity which now allows for so much more than my mind ever allowed. 

I am so grateful for my teachers and continue to grow and learn each day on and off of the mat.  The Truth is right inside each of us, it’s just a matter of creating enough quiet around us to hear it, feel it and then embody it.

“Wherever you go, there you are.”  -Unknown