My husband and I recently attended a beautiful wedding for some friends of ours with all the traditional trimmings.  The couple gave each guest a small silver bell with a ribbon and our names on it.  Of course, during the reception, we all took turns ringing the bell for the happy couple to kiss.  Then we took our bell home and put it on a shelf in the kitchen.

We soon began our own slightly silly tradition (as my teenager asks, “When did you guys get so weird?!”). When one of us does something in our lives that warrants a little attention, like a successful work day, high marks on the report card, getting a new job contract, helping someone out – we ring the bell! Sometimes one or the other must remind, “did you ring the bell for that?”  Sometimes we ring the bell at the beginning of the day before any accomplishments to send the message that this day will be a success.

I have found it a very satisfying little ritual that promotes constant validation of success however minor.  I think it’s the way we all should live our lives, by striving to do our level best and acknowledging our efforts as a reward.  At the end of yoga class, sitting up with eyes closed,  I will often invite students to “take a moment and honor yourself for coming to class today.”  It’s not an easy decision to take time away from a busy life and responsibilities to give yourself a gift of health and well-being.  It warrants a little “bell-ringing” in my book and I promote it!

We so often just do and do and do without stopping to take a moment and feeling the result of our efforts.  What does it look like after we have created something for ourselves and others?  Can we just take a second to ring our own bell for a job well done or in gratitude of something given? 

Some days go by and it’s quiet in the kitchen and other days there is a lot of sweet ringing, but regardless of the ups and downs that life brings, we can certainly stand still in appreciation of all the little (and big) successes to keep us motivated and appreciated.

Ring your bell today!!

There is as much greatness of mind in acknowledging a good turn, as in doing it. – Lucius Annaeus Seneca