Last month in my classes we explored the idea of guru.  Guru literally means that which brings you from darkness to light.  So, even though many of us have a mental image of guru (perhaps a wise-looking older male with dark skin and light robes sitting cross-legged with mala beads in hand), guru can look like anything at all.

I’ve been asked who my spiritual advisor is and upon reflection I had to answer what seems trite, but true…Life.  Life is my guru.  Yes, indeed, I have had amazing teachers.  The gifts that have been given to me by various teachers and in recent past having committed to digging a deep well with one particular teacher has connected me to Source in a way that I never would have otherwise realized.  But it’s the life journey that continually teaches me about myself.  I mostly learn from the many mistakes I make and the risks I take; the most dangerous ones of course have had the highest payoff in terms of self-connection and realization

Recently, I was asked to write a bio for some teaching I am doing.  One of the bulleted questions was, “Who are some of your influential teachers?”  Ah, back to guru.  My answers were (in no particular order) Josie Young, Fred Rogers, Eric Walrabenstein, Kamini Desai, my students and my children.  These are/were people who made me question myself, look deep inside and uncover hidden Truths that were itching to be revealed.  I am so grateful to guru.

When you connect with a particular teacher (in yoga or otherwise) it is helpful to continue that relationship of trust and insight.  However, sometimes as I have seen, committing to only a single person and believing in only the outcomes of that bond can keep you stuck and closed off to the other unsolved mysteries and wonders of the world.  When you find guru, you feel it.  It is that relaxed, joyful connection that dissolves any boundaries between you and the universe.

 “I have quit searching outside; the Guru has shown me that God is within the home of my own heart.” -Sri Guru Granth Sahib