Hey all,

Check out my new page called GRT.  It stands for Guided Relaxation Technique and it is my offering of the ancient healing practice of Yoga Nidra.

With the help of an awesome sound engineer, Adam Murray at Audio Engine, I have several very helpful CDs that you can listen to at home to create and/or dive more deeply into your meditation practice. 

Two great features of the CDs are:

1. They are accessibly short – about 25 minutes long

2. Each has its own intention so that you may focus specifically on what has your attention. 

The first CD rolls out early April and I am working on ways for you to purchase them online.  Meanwhile, email me with any questions or requests. 

This practice is especially helpful while done one-on-one with a facilitator and I have been teaching GRT sessions successfully for some time.  If you want to schedule a session to determine an intention that suits your needs, let me know.

More soon about this AMAZINGLY healing practice…

Thanks for your support!

Yoga Nidra (GRT) has deepened my personal yoga practice both on and off the mat, and it has brought more contentment in my life and in the lives of those around me. –Ceily E.