There are those who eat to live, (my husband) and those who live to eat (me).  Which are you?  As you are eating breakfast are you wondering about lunch?  Do you lie in bed and wonder what to make for dinner the next night?  I read cookbooks like novels, drinking in every footnote and devouring each recipe with the intention of cooking them all.  I linger and revisit each photograph with its glossy invitation to dive in fork first.  I can’t tell you how many times the exquisite representations in Rose Levy Berenbaum’s Cake Bible have met my eyes.  I love baking, cooking, sharing food, watching people eat my food, eating any kind of food; I am not a food snob.  I will relish the experience of foi gras as heartily as I will a plate of nachos from the ballpark.  I am a card-carrying Foodie.  My name is Jane.  I am somewhat addicted to food.

Recently I went on a cleansing diet.  Food was NOT the focus.  Cleaning the body of years of toxic intake seems like a good idea for everyone and is certainly a popular trend and who am I to ignore a popular trend?  So for one month I changed my relationship to food in the name of  health and well-being.  It sucked. 

I did not feel clear-headed and lighter.  I did not poop constantly flushing out built-up waste.  (I was really looking forward to that catharsis) I did not lose a lot of weight.   However, I DID benefit from the cleanse is some ways:

1. It created a form with which to practice discipline and austerity.

2. It promoted mindful awareness of behavior.

3. It shrunk my stomach so I did not eat as much and I noticed how little one needs to eat to survive.

4. It prompted me to buy a juicer, which I continue to use- a great way to get in all those fruits and veggies.

5. With the absence of so many of my beloved foods, it made my heart grow fonder. When I got to eat my first meal again (at a local French bistro) I was almost in tears with the joy of reuniting with my first love. My tastebuds renewed with the joy of salad nicoise!

Yoga provides the same such form each time you sit for meditation, or align yourself in warrior one.  The form is the key to training the mind to stay present to each moment and become integrated in what is, despite the ego’s (or stomach’s) desires. 

Having been a Julia Child devotee for many years you can only imagine how much I enjoyed the recent movie Julie and Julia. A beautiful movie not just about food, but about loving relationships of all kinds and the transcendence into realizing one’s full potential.  Magnificent.

“Life itself is the proper binge.”  -Julia Child