In yoga, the only Truth that exists is right now, and right now, and right now. So when we stay connected to the present moment we stay connected objectively to what is Real, which yields a feeling of contentedness and fulfillment. 

It’s only when we delve into the past or project into the future that we start to get caught up in feelings of conflict and misery.  When we reach back into the past or hold onto events past, whether they deal with just ourselves or people we know, especially loved ones, there is a tendency to hold onto memories of things that did not serve us well or to begrudge those who have “done us wrong,” or hold onto events that made us feel bad.  Sometimes we don’t let go of those circumstances and we choose not to forgive those people.

The brain holds onto the memory of those events; that’s information that is stored in the computer of the brain.  To suggest that we can erase those incidents that troubled us is somewhat insurmountable, unrealistic and most often cannot be done, or at least can’t be done easily.  I would suggest however, that there is a great ability for each of us to forgive the people, the world, the events that have happened in the past.  So even though we can’t always forget that our boyfriend did us wrong, we can forgive that person for who he was at the time, for who he might be now, the lessons we learned from that traumatic event and so on.

I would further suggest that it’s not necessary to forget; those memories have shaped us and contributed to giving us our current strengths and weaknesses, have helped form our habits to date. 

When we hold onto the misery, regret or hurt feelings from the past, we cannot live in the present moment, we cannot live in Truth and therefore we cannot really be completely happy.  There are many techniques that we can practice to open our hearts and soften our minds in an effort to forgive.  This is a loving endeavour.  Just think about how much time, energy and emotion is wasted on not forgiving somebody. To know someone who has gone to their grave with hate in their heart because of something somebody else said or did is extremely sad.

To err is human, to forgive, divine. -Alexander Pope