The lovely Gwyneth Paltrow has her own lifestyle website called  I read about it and went on right away to glimpse into the fabulousness that is Ms. Paltrow.  Though it has been met with some criticism, I get the gist of it and really enjoy reading about the food, health ideas, beyond amazing places to visit and eat in, not to mention the tips on fashion-not that I can currently afford Christian Loubitan boots…but a girl can gawk and dream.

MY only criticism of the site has to do with it’s byline: “nourish the inner aspect.”  This caught my eye, mainly because I have read that the talented, gorgeous, intelligent actress has previously practiced yoga, and mentions in her site that part of her journey is spiritual.  Well, if one is truly nourishing the inner aspect, it’s my opinion that the emphasis would be on meditation, self-relfection and perhaps reading spiritual texts; means to connect with Source, as opposed to means to connect with the perfect little black dress.

The line should read: “nourish the outer aspect”  and then everything in the site would support exactly what it sets out to do: focus on the body/mind experience.  The inner aspect, however, transcends all things physical; lies beneath the surface of the external; rests back from that which is material.  The inner aspect of our experience is the soul, our inner knowing, God consciousness.  When one connects to Source energy, it matters not that our glutes are tight or that we are sipping the perfect vintage.  This state of Self-Realization, which yoga invites us to experience through many techniques, can only be realized when we let go of the outer aspect and drop the ego’s agenda of what is horrible or spectacular. 

To me, there is nothing wrong with celebrating and optimizing this treasure of a life we’ve been handed by the universe.  But let’s be clear about what point of view we are nourishing and how best we can truly connect to what is Real. 

Most of the luxuries and many of the so-called comforts of life are not only not indispensable, but positive hindrances to the elevation of mankind. –Thoreau