There is a phrase that gets tossed around in yoga circles, which says, “energy follows thought”; or as I sometimes like to express it, “where thought goes, energy flows”.  I see this ring true as I listen to people moan and complain and then see how their lives fill with negative incidents.  I feel it when I am in a positive, confident place and wonder in appreciation, as the universe seems to present gift after gift.  I notice when students say they just can’t balance at all and then sure enough, they fall out of tree pose. 

 And just when I think this isn’t true, because after all, I still haven’t won the lottery, I realize it is so true and I marvel at how you get exactly what you need when you need it.  Mind you, not necessarily when the ego wants it, but as the universe has designed it for you; as it is supposed to be.  It may show up wrapped in an entirely different package, but there it is if you are paying attention, you will recognize it. If you are patient and faithful, it will be realized.

 Many of us have experienced this phenomenon with prayer: concentrating the mind devotionally on a specific person or idea.  I have a dear friend who is healing from a severe accident and he repeatedly remarks how much he can feel the prayers and thoughts sent his way by friends and loved ones through his process.  This feeling is beyond intellectual knowing; it’s centered in the heart and has a powerful effect in transforming illness to health.

 It’s been my experience that if I continue to focus on something, the essence of that thing is revealed, sometimes immediately, sometimes in due time, but it does manifest.  So be careful what you wish for because you will no doubt receive it.  Just when, where and how will be decided by the universe.

 “Good intentions are at least, the seed of good actions; and everyone ought to sow them, and leave it to the soil and the seasons whether He or any other gather they fruit.”  -William Temple, Sr.