Sometimes we just can’t figure out the answer.  Several months ago I found myself in a muddle: cloudy-headed, uncertain, questioning all of my decisions to date, wondering if there was something else I should be doing, feeling an internal nudging toward something…but toward what I wasn’t sure.  When I felt this way, my first impulse was to DO something about it.  Fix it.  Find the answer.  This tactic did not work. 

One day I had a casual conversation with a friend in passing and was honest with him as to how I was feeling.  He asked If I was being “self-expressive”; did I paint or do something artistic?  Well, in the past I’ve made ceramics, you know, pottery on the wheel.  Love it.  But that hobby has not fit into my schedule or budget lately.  It made me think and when I relaxed with this idea, I realized he was on to something.  As I was ineffectually trying to MAKE something more of my life, GET something out of life, I still felt that nudging, dissatisfied confusion.

So I created the website.  A place to be expressive.  A place to share yoga and the love and light that I have received from so many over the years.  Another way to move from inside out and spread the seeds of this practice in all its forms.  If no one reads these words, I’m ok.  If many read and respond or are sparked in some way, fabulous, but I am not attached to what it might bring and that feels freeing.  Satisfying.  Being expressive for its own sake and not expecting to get anything back in return.  That’s what yoga has taught me. 

When we stop doing and trying and looking and anaylyzing and just get quiet, connecting to feeling, I think the truth of helpful action (or inaction) is revealed.  The answers seem to be transmitted by pranic wisdom, energetic intelligence that transcends any clever idea the mind might have.  I think the truth is we always know what to do, whether or not we are listening is another story.

“To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient solutions; both dispense with the necessity of reflection.”          -Henri Poincare